Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Dear N.K-:Brazil’s top rail projects for 2013

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Infographic: Brazil’s top rail projects for 2013
This enlightening infographic from presents an overview of key projects and figures for Brazil’s railway in the year ahead.  With over BRL 91 Billion to be invested in the next 30 years, and 12,000 kms of new track to be laid by 2020,... read more ›
What are the top criteria for a railway communications network?
At this year’s RailTel Congress in Vienna, I asked each person in the room to record three responses to the question: what are the top 3 criteria of a successful railway communications network? As you might imagine, the list was extensive, but in... read more ›
Top challenges for GSM-R implementation (Vol 1)
At this year’s RailTel Congress we took a gamble, asking the conference participants to devise and present their own material – an ‘unconference’ if you like. And they certainly pulled through, for what would become one of the most interesting sessions of the... read more ›
Guest post: Oui allez for competition
SNCF has launched 'Ouigo' (would 'oiuallez' not be better – more French?) branded low-cost TGV service – it takes a state owned operator to be innovative! Why cannot we have 'easy-rail' (the name is already in use), Pullman – a bit of... read more ›
How Brazil’s urban rail is preparing for FIFA 2014
Brazil must spend R$ 29.6 billion (US$17.41 billion) to prepare the nation to host the world’s greatest soccer competition. The federal government has committed to investing R$7.68 billion (US$4.51 billion) to finance 47 projects to improve public transportation in host cities under the... read more ›
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